Chillvacs | Agenda

The new industry event for the HVAC+R markets 


As a new industry event, Chillvacs focuses on digitalization | strategies | innovations in the HVAC industry and provides approaches for strategic decisions as well as presenting trend analyses, best practices and innovation lectures. Trends and strategies after the crisis, the innovation segments smart home and AI or the future of digital sales are among the topics on the agenda:



Digitalization | Strategies | Innovations

Proven industry expert and BDH President Uwe Glock | Bosch Thermotechnik opens with a presentation on current trends and challenges in the energy and HVAC markets. Frank Umminger | Thermondo will then speak on the future of digital sales from the perspective of Germany’s largest heating installer. And marketing expert Daniel Kobelt | Daikin will present Life3R, the first online marketplace for refrigerants.


Frederik Lehner | Interconnection Consulting in his fact check shows the most important market developments on a European level and Jens Pfafferott | Offenburg University of Applied Sciences presents BIM for the building services engineering sector in more detail. Günther Ohland | SmartHome Initiative will speak about Smart Home in building technology and Alexander Krause | will present a paper on improving the energy efficiency of buildings through smart and dgital technologies.

  • 09:00

    Welcome and Opening

  • 09:10

    Trends and challenges in the Energy & HVAC market post Corona

    Uwe Glock is chairman of the board of management and a member of the supervisory board of Bosch Thermotechnik. He has also been President of the BDH since 2019. In his opening speech, he looks at the current trends and challenges of the market: Introducing the transformation of the energy market, sector coupling (electricity / mobility / heat) and the political framework conditions. In detail, Uwe Glock addresses the electrification in the heating market via heat pumps, the digitalization of the heating market, the importance of CO2-free energy sources, the increasing need for cooling due to global warming or even new requirements for ventilation and air quality.

  • 09:50

    The future of digital sales

    Frank Umminger is Vice Manager Growth of Thermondo, the largest heating installer group in Germany today, which is committed to solutions for the energy transition, including: Increasing efficiency, expanding decentralized energy supply and switching to environmentally friendly technology. In his presentation, Frank Umminger addresses the challenges facing the industry with regard to the target of climate neutrality by 2050: for this to succeed, digital tools, an open-minded trade and a rethink among manufacturers are needed. Thermondo is part of this process, has made sustainability its corporate goal, and is driving it with digital tools along the entire value chain.

  • 10:30

    Coffee Break

    Space and time for conversation and refreshments.

  • 11:00

    Life3R / Retradeables. The first online marketplace for refrigerants

    Life3R is the first online marketplace for used fluorinated gases. Daniel Kobelt presents the project, which was launched in 2021. The innovative European marketplace for used F-gases was developed to reduce the carbon footprint and support sustainable development towards the Green Deal AND at the same time meet the increasing consumer demand. The long-term goal is to grow into a viable European trading platform for used F-Gases to support a functioning circular economy in line with the European Green Deal.

  • 11:40

    DISCUSSION | Growth after Corona: Just digital?

    The morning’s speakers will be discussing the topic.

  • 12:15

    Lunch Break

    In the form of a seated lunch.

  • 13:30

    Fact Check HVAC+R Markets

    Dr. Frederik Lehner is Managing Director of Interconnection Consulting, an internationally active marketing intelligence company, which is one of the world’s specialists in industry-specific analyses of current and future market constellations and provides decision-making support for market success and strategy. In the HVAC+R markets, IC is one of the leading institutes in the industry. In his fact check, Frederik Lehner presents current data and forecasts on the industry’s largest markets in Europe. He analyzes market potentials and success factors while taking a look at the expected effects of the crisis from a market perspective.


  • 14:15

    BIM (Business Information Modeling) in building services engineering

    Jens Pfafferott studied energy and process engineering at the TU Berlin and earned his doctorate at KIT Karlsruhe in the Faculty of Architecture. Since 2011, he has represented building services engineering at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. In his lecture, he deals with the use of BIM in building services engineering, which is increasingly being used not only in architecture but also in the planning of building services systems: The digital twin of the building and its systems engineering offers the possibility to support the commissioning of buildings with digital methods. The acceptance or handover does require a manual error search and correction. With BIM, however, commissioning can be accompanied all the way to optimization.

  • 15:00

    Coffee Break

    Space and time for conversation and refreshments.

  • 15:30

    HVAC+R and nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Buildings)

    Jacques Gandini is a senior industry consultant in HVAC&R and has been working for over 30 years in the field of products and systems for all year-round comfort systems; with particular emphasis on product marketing, research & development and innovation. In his presentation, the leading consultant will show what are the requirements for the industry towards nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Buildings).

  • 16:00

    How to strenghten collaboration efficiency between industry & crafts

    Maurizio Nuzzaci has been a trainer and coach for sales, leadership and team development for 27 years. He trains and motivates employees and managers from various industries in the DACH region and Italy. In his presentation, he will show the important aspects of internal communication between manufacturers and installer companies, as well as key tools for both sides in order for them to strengthen their own success: From clear communication of the mission statement, to the use of incentives in the right place, to the installation of a complaint management process, to long-term customer retention. Resulting in long-term relationships, leading far beyond the basic expectations of equipment technology and quality!

  • 16:30

    PRESENTATION of the chillvacs.Awards

    In the course of the event, we will present the chillvacs.Awards in the three categories: Innovation | Supplier of the Year | Installer of the Year. One main prize and two recognition prizes will be awarded in each case. You can find more information here.

  • 17:00

    End of the series of lectures

  • 19:00

    Evening event

    The details regarding our evening event will be announced in a timely manner, and will be based on general pandemic developments and related guidance.